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Ag Lime products are available in different certification levels. Our GPS spreaders provide the most efficient spreading methods to ensure maximum crop yields.

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7 Vital Reasons to Lime

Reason 1: Liming Increases your crop yields

Tests have shown that improving soil pH increases crop yieldsThe average annual yield increases about 4.3 bushels per acre. On 320 acres that translates into 1,376 additional bushels per year.

Reason 2: Liming Enhances Nutrient Availability

If your soil pH is below 6.0 your crops are unable to utilize significant amounts of nutrientsLime is one of the few nutrients available to agriculture that has a pH over 7.0When pH is raised plants are better able to utilize nutrients in the soil

Reason 3: Liming Helps Improve Soil Tilth

Many clay soils, when liming regularly, become more porous and allows rain to drain away quicker, allowing you to get on to the ground earlier in the spring.Soil environment becomes less hospitable for many beneficial microorganisms that contribute to good soil tilth as acidity problems become more severe.With improved soil tilth, plant roots can “grow” to available moisture more easily.

Reason 4: Liming Improves Water holding Capacity

Correcting soil acidity improves the soil’s ability to absorb water and hold it within the root zone

Reason 5: Liming Helps Reduce Herbicide Rates

Some types of herbicides are less effective as soil acidity becomes more severe.You must use increasingly higher application rates to achieve desired weed control.Correcting soil acidity problems will allow you to reduce the amount of these herbicides used, which will allow you to lower your production costs.

Reason 6: Liming Lowers Crop Disease Risks

Acidity makes the soil environment less favorable for many beneficial organisms, it becomes more favorable for others.Disease organisms, e.g. verticillium wilt, do not do as well with higher pH soils.When soil becomes more acidic you have a greater risk for a crop disease outbreak.

Reason 7: Liming Helps Lower Environmental Contamination

With soil acidity corrected you don’t have to apply extra crop nutrients or herbicides to compensate for reduced effectiveness.Lower rates and enhanced utilization also means that less nitrogen and crop chemicals are left in the soil after harvest